According to Carsurance, almost 75% of motorcycle accidents involve collisions with another vehicle. Whether you’re involved in a motorcycle, truck, or car accident, you may need the legal experience of an accident attorney. Consulting your local law firm is probably one of the most important steps you can take after seeking medical care. Here are a few ways a lawyer can help you.

Inform You of Your Rights

Even if you’re in tune with the law, you may not know everything that can benefit you. Your attorney can ensure you know the law regarding your case. They also understand the best way to proceed to ensure you have the best outcome in court or mediation. Whatever needs to be signed, whatever evidence that needs to be collected, your accident attorney will help you understand anything needed in your case.

Negotiate With Insurance

While insurance is a great way to protect yourself in these types of events, it can be difficult getting all the money you deserve. That’s where your accident attorney comes in. They have a lot of experience negotiating with these insurance companies. Legal representation is the best way to ensure you get the best settlement possible.

Investigate for You

When you think of an accident investigation, you probably assume only the police are involved. Luckily, your local lawyer will also assist in any investigation related to your accident. They can collect all the details and evidence needed to ensure you have a strong case to get the right compensation for your property losses or injuries.

Represent You in Court

You may or may not be able to mediate the case. If mediation doesn’t work, that means it will have to go to trial. If you do have to go to court, avoid representing yourself at all costs if you want to be taken seriously and have the opportunity for a good outcome. Your lawyer knows how to handle the opposing team and will fight for your rights. A court of law is where you’ll really need the experience of a good lawyer.

Being involved in an accident can be a very traumatic experience. Whether you suffer physical injuries or property damage, legal assistance will help you through this time. Contact Fitzsimmons, Nunn & Plukas, LLP for an experienced accident attorney today. We’ll give you fair representation and support during this process.