The complex world of real estate requires the right kind of local experience and a familiarity with its legal and contractual risks and challenges. Whether you are a home buyer or seller, an existing residential or commercial property owner, a lender, builder, or land developer, we can help you navigate this landscape and address any situation that might arise.

Throughout the process, you’ll be in the hands of a targeted, dedicated team that will keep you updated and informed at every stage. With our own in-house real estate paralegal, we can deliver a superior level of personal attention and avoid the potential delays that can be associated with external resources.

The attorneys of Fitzsimmons, Nunn & Plukas can perform these and many other services:

  • Review and/or negotiate purchase offers and building contracts
  • Draw purchase offers
  • Address questions that arise between signing the contract and closing
  • Identify and address solutions to title problems
  • Prepare necessary title documents
  • Close your transaction
  • Address zoning, subdivision and development issues
  • Assist with construction loans and draws
  • Draft mortgages, consolidations, modifications, etc. for both private and commercial lenders
  • Litigate real property matters
  • If have a real estate issue—big or small—and would like to discuss it with one of our attorneys at no cost, please contact us today.